Hello and welcome back to the Creative Introvert Entrepreneur podcast, a show that helps introverts build your business brand online.

I’m Kim Beasley, the founder of this Podcast and one of my favorite sayings is Introverts Unite. I love this saying because I want to inspire you to be successful at building your business brand online.

This is the last podcast for 2020, and I wanted to share a few tips about closing out 2020 and ramping up for 2021. Every year, I take the last two weeks of the year to concentrate on ramping up for the new year. Thus why this is the last podcast for 2020.

During my downtime at the end of the year, I reflect on the year to see what worked and didn’t work. Then I incorporate the parts that worked into my ramping up plan for the next year.

Here are some questions I asked myself.

  • What projects worked well and why?
  • What project didn’t work well and why?
  • How can I enhance the projects that worked well?
  • Is there a reason to enhance the projects that didn’t work well?
  • Who benefited from my projects and how did they?
  • Did I achieve my S.M.A.R.T. goals this year?
  • What are my S.M.A.R.T. goals for next year?

For 2020, a couple of things I accomplished was starting a new podcast that focuses on helping introverted entrepreneurs as well as focusing my training hub courses to teach introverts how to grow their business online. I’m an introvert entrepreneur and it’s important to me to help my fellow introvert entrepreneurs to grow their business online.

For 2021, my ramping up plans include enhancing my podcast with special quarterly segments from industry leaders. My training hub for introverted entrepreneurs will be expanded with additional courses and also group training. The group training will be part of the LinkedIn Marketing for Introverts course and will help introverted entrepreneurs to grow their business on LinkedIn and make meaningful connections with others.

Weekly Challenge

The last weekly challenge is for you to review your business and assess what worked and didn’t work. Then refine your strategy for 2021. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me via live chat on my training hub at kbctraining.com

Final Thoughts

Thanks for listening in as I shared about my end of the year plans and for joining me today for the Creative Introvert Entrepreneur podcast. Check the show notes to connect with me online via my website or to follow me on social media! If you like this episode, please share it with your friends and family.

Remember Introverts Unite! Be sure to tune in for our next episode! See you next time!

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