Welcome back to the Creative Introvert Entrepreneur podcast, a show that helps introverts build your business brand online. Hi, I’m Kim Beasley, the founder of this Podcast and one of my favorite sayings is Introverts Unite. I love this saying because I want to inspire you to be successful at building your business brand online. For this episode, I want to introduce you to Benjamin Dell.

Now I will share a little bit about Ben so you can get to know him better. He is the founder of a number of SaaS companies (MissinglettrHeySummitHelpShelf and more recently OnboardFlow). He previously owned a web agency for over 10 years (acquired). During this time he also launched a number of SaaS startups (two of which were acquired – one by David Cancel from Drift). Ben is passionate about empowering businesses and brands with tools that help them succeed.


  • Are you an introvert or extrovert or ambivert? An ambivert is a mix of both introvert and extrovert tendencies.
  • What does your business focus on and how can it help introverts?
  • If there was one tip you could offer introverts that will help them build their business online, what would it be?
  • Is content curation still an effective strategy for social media?
  • What role do influencers play in social media, and how can a small business take advantage of using influencers?
  • What is the importance of social media driving traffic to your website?
  • Why is it important for your social media posts to be shared, including by people you don’t know?

Weekly Challenge

For this episode’s weekly challenge, think about the content you create, how you amplify it online, and increase engagement. So when you create a blog post, also determine which social media networks you will use in promoting your blog post. Also, signup to use MissingLttr or Postbox to promote your blog post.

Final Thoughts

Thanks for listening to my interview with Benjamin Dell and for joining me today for the Creative Introvert Entrepreneur podcast. Check the show notes to connect with me online via my website or to follow me on social media! You will also find the links for Benjamin in the show notes. Share this podcast with your friends and family.

Remember Introverts Unite! Be sure to tune in for our next episode! Also, I want to share your accomplishment on my podcast. If you reach out to me on social media about your weekly challenge, you might be mentioned on my show. See you next time!

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